TAHIRA HEROLD | Hair & Makeup


Tahira works across fashion, beauty and film using organic and ethical brands.

Tahira Herold  was born and raised in Montreal. She moved to London in 2006 to to pursue her dreams of living and working in a buzzing metropolis.

She began in salons and moved quickly to film sets, all the while continuing to work in her first love, fashion and beauty make up. After moving to London she was able to continue growing and developing as an artist, and exploring all aspects of hair and make up, honing her skills and developing my art.

Tahira's career has taken her all over the globe, working with some of the best people in film, fashion, advertising and editorial work.  Each aspect of my work inspires the other: the precision of beauty makeup brings sharpness to her film work, while the creativity of editorial fashion informs my commissions. With a keen eye for detail and a fastidious work ethic, she has been able to create looks for a wide variety of clients from simple natural beauty to artistic creativity.  She ensures that her clients always receive utmost professional service, precision and artistry.

Tahira has worked with an amazing array of people, including celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Sandra Oh and Olga Kurylenko and clients such as De Beers and Ciaté.   


Instagram: @tahiramakeupuk

Twitter: @tahiramakeupuk