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Sjaniël specialises in holistic beauty, with modern, wearable looks using clean, organic products.

Sjaniël Turrell has worked as a make-up artist in the fashion, commercial and bridal industry since 1997.  

Sjaniël's experience as a full time model for over 15 years, led her behind the camera where she felt using her creativity behind the scenes was most fulfilling. With experience on both sides of the camera she has gained invaluable insight into both the model and client’s perspective.

For over a decade Sjaniël has been passionately researching the power of nutrition in health and overall wellness, learning and practicing how to live using nature’s given resources to keep us well and vibrant. Whilst studying to become a qualified nutritional therapist she realized that taking wellness over into beauty is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.  For the past 2 years she has been consulting weekly with women from all walks of life on how to change their make-up from commercial and chemically harmful products to organic and natural versions that, for the most part, work and look better.

Her clients Hemsley & Hemsley, Deliciously Ella, Disney Roller Girl and the clothing and apparel brand, Fat Face.  

Having recently launched her website,, Sjaniel also provides a holistic makeover offering by providing nutritional therapy accompanying natural and organic skincare regimes.

Instagram: @sjaniel

Twitter: @sjaniel