Attribution Theory | How Your Brand Can Become Part of The New World Order

We need to offer the consumer a new theory of what ethical and sustainable fashion is all about. We are selling them the future after all! 

Attribution theory is the study of human behaviour relating to how we purchase products and services. The theory assumes that people draw upon their past experiences when facing a new situation.

Often without even realising it, we  assess the quality of a product or service as we using it. Regardless of whether we are happy or disappointed with its performance or customer service, we develop conclusions about the product, the manufacturer, or even the entire sector.  When a consumer sees a similar product on the market, his/her past experience will influence his future purchase decisions. That is why it is vital that we not only provide the consumer with an outstanding product, but that we convey the added value of it's provenance with engaging visuals, in order to provide a new theory of what ethical/sustainable fashion can look like.