LAUREN BECKER | Food Stylist


Lauren Becker

Lauren focusses on limiting food waste with her work, without compromise on her aesthetic.

Lauren Becker's deep love and excitement for fresh produce, organic lines, colour and the wonders that nature creates combined with a love of textiles and ceramics comes the foundation of Lauren’s food styling.  Lauren’s food styling encompasses both editorial, advertising and displays for events.

Since completing her masters in Fashion and Textile Design in her native Australia, she has worked on a multitude of platforms from short films, television, TVCs, print, editorial, online content, advertising, events, commercial and residential interiors. After years spent collaborating in the fashion and costume world Lauren’s passion and creativity spilled over and found its happy place in props, interiors, events, food and lifestyle. It is Lauren's wide range of skills and experience with so many aspects of styling that allow her to adapt and fulfil any creative brief.

Lauren's level head,  eye for detail, a talent at multi-tasking has meant she has worked with a diverse range of clients including  Pernod Ricard, Air New Zealand, Woolworths (Aus),  Diageo,  Heaven's Hell Vodka, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Sun Rice.  

Lauren loves working with teams of people to bring to life and capture emotions, thought, ideas and stories.

Instagram: @laurenbeckerstylist