KHANDIZ JONI | Makeup & Hair


Khandiz specialises in high concept hair and makeup looks using clean, ethical products.

Khandiz Joni has been working as a hair and makeup artist since 2000, beginning her career in Cape Town, South Africa. Working on films and television commercials, including Hollywood features like Blood Diamond and Lord of War gave her a grounding in creating looks that tell stories. In 2013, the short film ASAD, which she is credited as hair and makeup design for, was nominated for an Oscar.

Since 2008 she has been working predominately on stills. Her commercial and advertising clients include Lowie, TFL, Jaguar, Clarks, Levi's, Debenhams, Free People, Coca Cola and Virgin.  Khandiz is a sort after editorial artist and she has contributed to numerous publication including Nylon, Harpers Bazaar Japan, Wonderland Online, Hunger , Boys by Girls, Esquire, Glamour, Jocks & Nerds, Schon and Stella.

Khandiz moved to London in September of 2012, where she is now based. Her passion for sustainable fashion and beauty has grown significantly over the years, and stems from her interest in environmental sustainability.

In 2015, she designed the makeup looks for Brighton Fashion Week's Sustain and Zeitgeist shows, using only natural & organic makeup as well as being behind the hair & makeup for the 2015 & 2016 global Fashion Revolution campaigns.

In 2017, Khandiz founded the beauty platform UNTAINTED and she is a contributor to the online platform Green Beauty Team, author of The Lissome's 'Raw Beauty' series and the Beauty Editor for FutureFrock.

Instagram: @khandiz

Twitter: @khandizmukup