What kind of creatives does Novel Beings represent?

 hair & makeup artists | stylists | food stylists | props stylist | art directors | copy writers


I am looking for an agency to represent me, do you consider any creatives?

No. In order to keep our company values at the core of everything we do, we only consider artists already working to a strict set of personal ethics within their area of expertise. 


What is a Conscious Creative?

Our team of professional creatives all have extensive experience in the advertising, fashion and beauty world in their various fields. By using our combined knowledge and experience we provide the answer to high-end, beautifully executed visuals for our clients, while always consciously choosing best practice to get there. Be it clean, green ethical beauty products to sourcing ethical/sustainable clothing for a shoot. Our food stylists focus on minimising food waste on their shoots and our props stylist consider how they will offer the lowest environmental impact in their designs and set builds.


What business practices do you have in place that echo's your company's message?

We glad you asked! We have implemented a number of practices that support our green ethos. We do not have an office to keep, to ensure commuting is kept to the bare minimum. Our website and servers are run through companies that use renewable energy to power their platforms. We bank with the Co-operative Bank because it is (currently) the most ethical high street bank available. We do not print artist portfolio's to minimamise environmental impact. We fix old equipment such as phones and laptops for staff member to use in the operations of the business. All members of our team wear and support ethical & sustainable fashion practices. Shall we go on?  


Will it cost me more to hire a Novel Being for my shoot/event?

No. Our prices for each artist are based on their years of expertise within their field. As all our creatives are professionals, you will however be charged professional rates.


What are the benefits to my brand if I use your agency?

Simply put, we add value to your story. By hiring one (or many) of our artists, you are able to rest assured that the products and practices they use will not harm or impact the environment in a negative way. You also get to shout about the fact, if you so choose.



You have to pre-qualify in order to receive a password that grants you access to the relevant package you qualify for. Why? Because Y is a crooked letter and you can't make it strait! That's not really why we do this, we have done it this way to ensure unscrupulous companies don't try pull the wool over our eyes and try get us to work at fee's.